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We support small businesses getting a performing online presence.


We are a network of website experts, who work on projects we believe in. We are committed to deliver unique and cost-effective solutions.​​


​A team of experts

Each project has specific objectives  and requires different skill set. As a network of experts we create bespoke teams to best suit your project's needs. We only work with senior talents up for the best challenges with a proven track record of outstanding work. Teams are coordinated by one project director, responsible for delivering project on time and within budget, for a smooth implementation. Project management can also be offered on a contract basis as a sole service with existing team of developers.


Delivering value at a cost effective rate

As a project-based organisation, our cost structure is flexible and adapted to each project. We deliver cost effective solutions without hefty agency rate. Our cost structure enables us to work for small and new businesses making their first steps online.


Committed to deliver at the higher end of the spectrum

As a team of senior experts we are all committed to deliver at the higher end of the spectrum to provide unique and outstanding solutions that will engage your audience. We thrive for excellence.


We thrive to deliver solutions that are Unique, cost effective and deliver results!







​​Laurence Levi - Web and Branding Consultant

Laurence has a strong expertise helping brands to flourish in the digital space. She has been part of the eOffice team since its launch in 2002, a Flex office brand that gained recognition in the market as a leading player and was awarded twice by the BCO (British Council for Offices). She is now managing 3 websites for eOffice., and Laurence has also been supporting the digital strategy of RicherEducation since its launch in 2015.

Laurence has worked for design agencies in France, Identités/McCann Erickson and Bracq Gauvin Design, where she was an Account Director looking after blue chip clients such as Procter&Gamble, GrandOptical, Haagen Dazs, Charles Heidsick, Playtex, L'Oreal to name a few. 


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We are based in London UK but works with developers based in Europe.


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